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Bringing Magic to your company

Magic Academy for the Workplace

Provides employees a unique break with an interactive experience that promotes connection between remote staff. Led by professional magician Max Darwin (aka The Amazing Max), this live experience gives your staff/team a scheduled pause from a normal work day to try something completely brand new!

The magic program works great as a team-building exercise (can be done in person or virtually)  Max has designed a 30-60 minute interactive experiences to give employees a break, change of pace, and fun time to share together.

All attendees will be entertained with jokes and magic, plus learn 3-4 magic tricks they can perform themselves with objects they have at home and/or office (pencil, dollar bill, coins and deck of cards). No magic experience is required.


Success, Mental Health, and Magic

“Success & Mental Health”, is an interactive talk that is a customizable 15-60 minute program in which Max talks about his work as an actor/magician and shares his personal struggles with ADHD/anxiety/depression, all while weaving in magic. 


Every magic trick can be broken down into 3 parts – set-up, story, and success – and that is the same in life. 


Max encourages participants to consider their own set-up (what can they be doing right now for the future?), think about the story they are telling, and be ready for surprising moments of success.  This motivational presentation also includes tips & tricks for dealing with your own mental health and everyone learns how to perform a magic trick!  Depending on time constraints he can do a live Q&A afterwards.


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